Youtube ads can skip, not for the customer experience, but for the sake of making a lot of money!

There are some Internet products: you think it's simple, even stupid, but in fact it's designed to be subtle and thoughtful.5-second skipable post on YouTubeIt's such a unique existence.

Many small partners will find that Youtube ads in 5 seconds after a skip button, click the ad immediately disappeared, used to the domestic video site ultra-long ads rape users exclaim: Really TM cool!

YouTube's Skipable Ads

To this many people intuitive judgment: Google is the conscience of the planet enterprise, in order to user experience can sacrifice commercial interests, compared to the excellent soil, ai Qiyi this kind of moving 120 seconds of advertising, much stronger!

But the truth is far from that simple, saying that Google's focus on user experience, casually pick out some counter-examples to hit the face, on Youtube search "I am a singer", a two-hour video can have 21 medium-sized ads, which obviously has nothing to do with focusing on user experience.

The middle yellow dot is where the ad is inserted

Since user experience is not the first consideration for YouTube to set the skip button, what exactly is driving Google to do so?The answer is to make money!

See the analysis below and you'll see what's going on.


Boost the ad's true exposure: "Because you want to skip, you have to stare"

Because you subconsciously want to skip the ad, so within 5 seconds you do not go away, you will also concentrate on the ad, that is, within 5 seconds, the ad arrival rate is very high.

This is a world of difference with the domestic video site ads, in Youku to see a 120-second patch ads, from the ad jumpout this moment your eyes will immediately loose, greatly may go to do other things: drink water, brush friends circle, brush micro-blog.

So if youku's front post is 120 seconds to sell 4 posts, the first and last paste price will be higher than the second, and the third paste, advertisers are not stupid, they will not drink water for you to pay high costs on the bathroom.


Better assessment of ad quality: You're a free ad quality judge on YouTube

Another obvious advantage of skipped ads is that advertisers add a dimension to measure the quality of their ads, knowing clearly that their ads are skipped by users in the seconds, skipping in the 7th second or skipping in the 23rd second accurately reflects the attractiveness of the ads.

This is the true quality of the ad indicators, there is no more detailed than this data to show the excellent degree of a patch ads, the click rate of the patch is the result of the ad performance indicators, and skip the length is the ad effect of the process indicators.

Click is the target customer, after watching is the potential customer, so YouTube by adding this small skip button, let him thousands of users have become its free ad quality judge, you skip it, it peeps you, think very afraid!


Pay for live viewing: "If the user skips, YouTube won't take your money"

If your ad is skipped, YouTube won't charge you, and you'll only have to pay if your ad plays 30 seconds or finished playing (the ad is less than 30 seconds long), so YouTube named it "Tureview Ad", which means you only pay for live viewing.

Advertisers are highly supportive of this form of auction advertising, paying only for those who are really interested in the ad, and collecting information about people who are not interested in the ad, so the advertiser experience is really very friendly. Their $12.6 billion spend on YouTube in 2016 is a sign of the power of YouTube ads.


Reject "Slaughter Dragon Knife Point Send": Encourage Excellent Advertising Creativity from the Underlying Mechanism

You must have seen in Youku or Ai Qiyi "Tulong Bao knife point send", "I am Zhang Liangying, I am in XX page tour waiting for you" such a very poor creative quality page tour ads, this is the cause of God horse?

An important reason is that Youku, Ai Qiyi's stickers are priced for sale, one of the disadvantages of pricing advertising is that advertisers do not have the motivation to optimize advertising creativity.

Page travel ads for domestic video sites

Advertiser spending 1 million a day to buy an open-screen advertising, no matter how poor the material will be online, he did not have the power to improve his material, so "tulong treasure knife point to send" on it!

But YouTube, a mode of bidding by play, encourages people to actively optimize their ideas, and the better the creative, the higher the finish rate, the lower the cost of advertising, how does YouTube achieve this mechanism?

Adi's poor material will be at a disadvantage in the bidding

Take a simplified model: Let's say you're only available for 100 shows a day on YouTube, Nike and Aldi are bidding, Nike has a 10% finish rate, and Aldi is 1%, both of which will Google come up with for a $1, a play-off?

Of course, Nike, because this 100 ads player will give Nike he can earn 10 yuan, and to Adi can only make 1 yuan, Adi in order to win in the auction must complete a play to complete the bid of 10 yuan, that is, the playback completion rate determines the cost of advertising bidding.

It is such a mechanism, let advertisers to optimize their advertising performance, and strive to let everyone do not skip ads, to increase their playback completion rate, thereby reducing the cost of bidding.

Well, that's why YouTube takes a big part in skipping ads, and writing here, a big question for many people is:

In that year,Farmer's Mountain SpringsAn ad has been launched:

When the ad begins, the screen alerts the viewer that non-members can also choose to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

This more than 3 minutes of advertising, the audience to watch more than 30 seconds and the full view of the ad audience is more than 50%, click-through rate than the regular pre-video pre-post ads several times higher.

Internet buzzwords after Farmer's Mountain Springs Ad

This is the magic of True View, but Youku, Aichi or choose that "with Chinese characteristics of the video commercial development path", the specific reasons are the following four points:


YouTube and Youku and Aichi have essential differences in business models and business models

Simply put, YouTube is a UGC video site,

And Youku, Ai Qiyi is a film and television site.

Each user's status is different when watching a different video, and we divide the two states into "high wake-up" and "low wake-up" states.

For example, the audience watching the Spring Festival Evening, the Super Bowl when the state is "high wake-up" state, he has a strong desire to watch the program and desire, so this time the effect of advertising will be good.

In Youku to see the variety of deer, watch Inge's series, watch Wu Jing's film is this "high wake-up" state.

The state of the user watching the video is different

"High wake-up" state resulting in the result of content to advertisers have a premium right, sign a "Moon Biography", advertisers will be eager, do not worry about selling, so do not need to sell the effect of advertising, advertisers know the effect, in addition to buying your time, advertisers more importantly need to put its brand and deer, Sun Wei, Wu Jing linked together.

YouTube is not the case, its videos are basically user-made, leisure category is the majority.You won't see the new Fox hit movies or the latest HBO episodes there.

So in addition to a small amount of super-network red, users watching YouTube videos are a "low wake-up" state, that is, youTube's extremely efficient video recommendation mechanism is constantly refreshed, boring time.

So YouTube's strategy is that since you can't sell a premium brand ad, sell the effect ads, charge the final effect, and serve the person with the result.


Technical genes and media genes also determine the two ways of selling in a certain sense.

Mainstream video sites in China are still in the stage of burning money to buy copyright, while revenue relies on advertising and membership fees. In the user habits have not yet cultivated the case, large-scale use of exclusive play of trueView advertising form, once the user chooses to skip the ads, then the ad piece does not become an effective view, video sites can not be billed for this, scarce advertising resources will be wasted in visibly. The immediate consequence is a decline in advertising revenue, and the risk is too great for video sites that carry KPI targets.

Today, we go to Youku, Ai Qiyi advertising page has several pages of media quotations, this quotation and portal quotations and TV station quotations are the same, in this sense,Domestic video site is an online TV station


Domestic video sites have to protect the interests of its members

Users spend 20 yuan to open a Tencent video membership, the most direct role is to skip the ads, if Tencent online 5 seconds can skip the button, then the degree of differentiation between members and non-members is not so obvious, directly affecting the attractiveness of the member business.

You know, Youku, AiQi art's membership accounts for nearly a fifth of its revenue, in the first half of 2016 alone, the number of aichi art members more than 40 million, this revenue, if lost, directly affect its financial situation.


Relatively inadequate data integration and creative capabilities of advertising agencies

Youku Tudou, the person in charge of the introduction, YouTube's TrueView advertising form, the use of auction rank sales model, will cause advertisers to compete for keywords or popular video advertising resources, resulting in CPV (thousands of exposure costs) correspondingly raised.

Since the cost has increased, then advertisers for advertising creativity and material quality naturally dare not be generous, otherwise the user skip is not equal to a busy work.

This shows that TrueView advertising form of creative ability requirements are high. For advertising creativity and material quality, domestic advertisers do not pay enough attention, and many advertising creative companies do not have the ability to create high-quality advertising, thus forming a vicious circle.

On the whole, it is not difficult to realize TrueView technology on domestic video sites, the biggest difficulty lies in whether the website or advertising platform can have a large and accurate receipt like Google, "this is the primary premise." After all, advertisers spend a lot of money on advertising, the purpose is clear: to enhance brand exposure and reputation. If the video site can not be accurately delivered, then trueView advertising form in the country is waterless wood, the possibility of popularization is very small.

TrueView in China, prospects are promising

TrueView has become a gold mine for YouTube, relying on Google's strong account system. Can such a successful model be replicated in China?

Guo and Yu Jia agreed that trueView will accelerate the popularity of TrueView after "BAT" and major video sites have access to data.

They mentioned that Ali's acquisition of Youku Potatoes could seamlessly output consumer data and strong account systems for the latter, Baidu's search-type data could be maximized by Ai Qiyi after Baidu's hand-in-hand, Tencent video has huge social data, Sohu video can use Sogou input data and so on.

Such a change is not one-sided. It is understood that Youku potatoes last year on the test water "enjoy watching advertising", Ai Qiyi also launched "enjoy to see advertising." In the words of Youku Tudou, try TrueView advertising, which is currently focused on developing marketing habits for users and advertisers.

Of course, the rest of the entire advertising ecosystem chain also needs to be prepared. As Guo said, at present, realView does belong to the "small-group game", but "BAT" and the cooperation of major video sites, reflecting the trend of TrueView in China, then as an advertising technology company, The United States technology naturally hopes to cooperate with more video sites in depth, share the big data of both sides. If, for example, as more and more TrueView stakeholders share data, TrueView is not in the dark when it becomes popular in china.

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