YouTube ads welcome additional information features for better conversion!

At this year's New York Advertising Week, Google announced a combination of YouTube creative platforms, Google Machine Learning technologies, and performance monitoring solutions to provide advertisers with better advertising tools and measurement methods.

YouTube ads are constantly being updated, and recent YouTube ads have been adding additional information features to help advertisers better transform. Take a look at the specific updates!

- Important update tips -

(1) YouTube ad extensions: YouTube ad extensions provide consumers with "do this next" information to help advertisers better transform.

(2) A more comprehensive measurement of effectivenessThe Brand Promotion tool adds 2 metrics to measure the most comprehensive results.

Additional information: enabling consumers to take action

YouTube ad extensions are coming!

Advertisers must be no stranger to search advertising additional information, when the user search, the traditional advertising additional information will not provide you with "one-step" information (such as ordering phone, shop address, etc. can let users take immediate action information.) Using ad extensions, on the other hand, provides users with "do this next" information, which is followed up.

Now you have the ability to "sit" additional information on YouTube video ads. YouTube provides a wealth of ad extensions, providing practical information that is closer to the needs of consumers, and consumers can further take consumer action and improve video ad conversion.

  • How to use

Now you can add additional information such as locations and tables to TrueView interstitial ads (beta only). Google is also exploring more application series that will allow advertisers to follow up on their actions, such as finding time to play the next movie, downloading an app directly, or booking a trip.

Brands such as Vodafone, Chili's, 20th Century Fox, Headspace and Maylline are using video ad extensions to make mobile advertising more useful and improve their performance on important metrics. Vodafone's ad recall (Ad Recall) increased 2.3-fold and click-through rate by 3.5%, 785 percent higher than the regional benchmark.

"Brand Improvement": New Metrics To Improve Measurement 

In fact, the purpose of using video campaigns to tell stories to consumers is not only to bring short-term benefits, but more importantly to influence consumer behavior at every stage of the consumer process until a final purchase is made.

To help advertisers better improve their campaigns and influence consumer buying behavior, Google has teamed up with market research firm IRI to make it easier for advertisers to measure channel front-end and back-end metrics and improve performance.

What is "brand promotion"

Brand Boost is a free video ad performance measurement tool that you can use to adjust and improve your video campaigns.

  • YouTube Ad Performance Measures More Comprehensive

Soon you'll be able to use the Brand Ing tool directly in Google Ads or Display and Video 360, and you'll be able to easily capture your campaign results with our clean and concise report. At the same time, we have introduced two new measurements:

Elevated users: Refers to how many people in the sample have increased their memory, awareness of your brand, or consideration of your ad because they saw it. The calculation formula is as follows:

Elevated users - Number of positive replies to people who saw ads - Number of positive replies to people who didn't see ads

User costs for brand ingresss (cost-per-lifted-user): Is the average cost for getting users to get boosted after seeing your ad and start thinking about your brand. By using this metric, you can more multidimensionally understand the effect of your ad budget in multiple dimensions.

Google also continuously distributes surveys on brand ingresss to consumers during campaign series, allowing advertisers to see in real time how their video campaigns affect consumer awareness, changing consumer behavior and transforming them.

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