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This is the 2012 push for creative advertising
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In this era of "attention economy", the video marketing of brands out to sea faces major challenges. Consumers are more picky than ever and harder to be impressed by the sound of the same. Consumers' selective exposure, selective understanding, selective memory, layer by layer, only those "self-related" information will be assigned to the brain into important areas. For brands, it's imperative to see "customized" ads for every user. But in the custom advertising production difficulty and the degree of customization, so that many out-of-sea brands feel that there is no way to start, after all, the current complex market environment and a variety of media forms and no "formula" can go,

So, how should the brand go out to sea to deal with customized advertising?


Recently, youTube and Google teams have experimented to give answers.After a series of experiments, YouTube found thatThe brand's previous understanding of "customized" advertising is:For example, when consumers like cars, they will receive car advertisements;But when consumers have just finished buying a car, they still receive car ads.This understanding of "customization" is clearly wrong.The real needs of consumers are often hidden in their purchase intentions and some of the needs, and these characteristics are often reflected in the search history of consumers, and so on; Only by seizing these key points can brand owners successfully know where their video footage should be "customized" and "customized".

For advertisers, the difference is huge:According to Google Brand Lift Targeting AnalysisCompared to ads that are run only through consumer characteristics, ads with consumer demand have been significantly effective, with a 20% increase in recall and a 50% increase in brand awareness. [1]



Many brands have this question when it comes to video marketing:

1. What is the appropriate amount of customization for audience-driven video ads, and is the more the better?

2. What is the most important audience signal for custom ideas and who has the greatest impact?

In order to solve these problems,Google The "unskipable lab" team tried to tap into the patterns of changes in consumer attention to "customized" advertising in different situations: 

The results are measured by increased brand awareness and the weighting of ad recall, with the following end results:

While customized advertising may vary by brand and product, and there are no completely consistent rules to follow, through this creative experiment, three key models have been discovered that can help brands "customize" the creative sinbine:


Mode 1:Short video ads, with copy customization alone, are enough to improve memories

Coty's CoverGirl, for example, delivers generic and customized material to three different audiences based on the audience's needs. The three audiences were women who recently downloaded the web app, fitness enthusiasts, and women interested in career development.

The results showed that in almost all cases, copy-only custom ads outperformed non-custom ads. As a result, the amount of custom ad production required for short ads may be lighter than expected.No doubt, no matter which country or region, matching the user's customized copy can effectively improve the ad memory.

(Experimental variable design: audience and creatives)

Mode 2:More customized content may be required for longer video ads

The conclusion that "copy alone is enough to improve memory" may not apply to longer ads, such as 15-second video ads. In the case of Skoda, a Czech carmaker, the experiment also selected three different audiences: outdoor sports enthusiasts, investment service personnel in the market, and people interested in sports. The results showed that ads with copy and screen customization struck much higher ad recollections than the other two, as did other brands and countries. This also proves the first hypothesis of the experiment - that the more customized content in the ad, the better. This conclusion applies to both short video ads and longer video ads.

(The more customization you are, the more your ads attract your audience)

Mode 3:Custom-made video ads are more surprising when consumers face critical time nodes

As you can see, the more customized content you have in your ads, the better. In other words, the higher the degree of "thousands of people", the better the effect. So who's the one who eats this one the most?

To explore the audience best suited for customized advertising, the experiment focused on this segment of the population facing critical time nodes, who may be at a "crossroads" of special events, decision-making, or strong willingness to buy. Experiments have found that highly customized, customized advertising can be particularly effective. For example, in the case of Johnson's Baby India, the experiment tested three groups of known audience needs: those who recently became parents, those who had become parents, and women who preferred products that did not contain specific chemicals.

Highly customized advertising works best for these three groups of people, and this also applies to other brands. Experiments have shown that highly customized advertising is particularly effective for these audiences because it shows consumers tailored content that resonates with nodes or decisions.


However, because advertising customization requires a lot of data base, user analysis, footage production, but also according to different audience signals to run, if it is the cost of manual operation, energy for the brand is more burden, but with YouTube's Mix Director and Bumper Machine tools make it easier to customize your ads and make your brand work with less.

Director Mix enables modular changes to images, text, and other video elements to deliver consumer needs based on YouTube's machine learning capabilities. This process transforms the brand's layered files into dozens or even hundreds of customized video ads, making it easy to achieve precise "thousands of people and thousands of faces".

McDonald's, for example, recently used Director Mix to strengthen the connection between The Big Mac and the Millennials. McDonald's has produced 77 different six-second ads for different people' interests, including movie trailers or live comedy clips. This customized advertising strategy has paid off, with more than twice as many memories as other ads.

(McDonald's modular custom advertising)

Bumper Machine is a thin tool based on machine learning that creates six-second ads from a longer ad, helping brands save time and money.

In scenarios suitable for longer ads, use longer ads to set the background and tell the whole story. Then use Bumper Machine to create a six-second version that highlights brands and products that consumers can easily connect with the full story.


The above cases show that when brands go out to sea to run video ads, they can't rely on intuition and experience, or believe in scientific experiments. Brands can go out to sea, you can take the YouTube machine learning "boat", hang "thousands of people" customized advertising "sail", find a scientific and efficient marketing direction. But also learn to use tools, pick up with small money to do big things "oars", multiple layers of protection escort, the natural flag to win.


This is also the domestic many brands are facing a major trend. With the acceleration of globalization, the marketing model is becoming more and more diverse, consumers are overwhelmed by a large amount of information, easy to fall into the "information room." Brand and consumer effective contact less, poor effect, natural sea difficulties. Find the right way to play, in the information noisy environment to convince picky consumers, in order to truly achieve precision marketing, successfully seize the overseas market.


[1]数据来源: Google BrandLift Targeting Analysis, Global, Smartphone, Oct. 2016 - March 2017.

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