YouTube Marketing, cross-border sellers must not miss the advertising set!

Speaking ofYouTubeAnd, presumably, we're no strangers.
YouTubeIs a video-sharing site from the United StatesAlsoThe world's largest video site。 Today, people log inYouTube,It's not just about watching funny videos of entertainment, it's about getting information. Based on the number of searches,YouTube has overtaken Yahoo and Microsoft Bing.Became the world's second largest search engine.

SoYouTubeWhat are the advantages?

YouTube has 1.9 billion live users 

So far, YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly live users, or one-third of the world's online users. YouTube operates in 91 countries and is available in up to 80 different languages, reaching 95% of the world's Internet users. Visible, the use of this platform for marketing is a no-brainer for any business.

Second, YouTube is the world's most visited site URL 

YouTube beat Facebook, Baidu and Wikipedia to become one of the world's most visited sites, second only to its parent company, Google, according to Alexa's Top 500 ranking.

Millennials prefer YouTube to TV 

In 2018, YouTube's ratings grew at a faster rate in recent years, up 60% year-on-year, far outpacing television.In addition, a study using eye-tracking technology found that YouTube ads attracted 62 percent of visual attention, compared with 45 percent for TV ads.

YouTube paid mobile ads are more popular than TV ads

Mobile ads on YouTube will attract customers' attention 83 percent of the time, compared with 45 percent of TV ads, according to research.At the same time, YouTube's TrueView ads are also highly targeted, and Google found that they received three times as much attention as regular video ads.This suggests that even if users can opt out of these ads, the start of a compelling ad is likely to prompt them to continue watching.What's more, people who watch an ad are 23 times more likely to choose to order a purchase, subscribe to a channel, or share a video than they are not.

Five to 46% of B2B buyers will place an order after watching the video 

Many companies think YouTube is a Complete B2C channel, but it's not.Currently, Market research firm Smart Insights and marketing firm Clutch rank YouTube as the fourth most valuable social channel in the B2B market.A previous study by International Data Group found that 46 per cent of B2B buyers buy after watching a video.So if you show customers how good your product is through video, they're more likely to make a purchase.

6, with more than 50 million content creators on YouTube

YouTube has become one of the world's most popular platforms for creators, some of whom earn five to six figures a year.Many of the individual creators on YouTube are also online, driving 92% of paid video views on the platform.This means that YouTube will be an ideal platform if you plan to market online.

Marketers are paying more and more attention to YouTube ads 

According to Animoto, an online video production and sharing platform, 93 percent of marketers say they will win over a lot of consumers through social video in 2018.According to the data, 90% of U.S. users use YouTube to find new products and brands.In addition, about half of shoppers use video to help them make their purchase decisions, which just shows how important video is to the overall purchase channel.

These are some of the YouTube benefits we can see. It vividly answers us.The feasibility and necessity of using YouTube for marketing by cross-border e-commerce practitioners

In order to enable businesses to quickly grasp this"Marketing"Increase sales,13 December afternoon, Kirin plans to host the Ryan Station, hosted by the Ryan City Bureau of Commerce and hosted by Zhejiang International Trade Digital Technology Co., Ltd.YouTubeSpecial training courses to help enterprises master the secret of marketing work.

This training we invited The Marketing Consultant Li Wei of Sihai Shangzhou (Victor) Teacher。 Mr. Li Wei has a senior design background and owns6 years of e-commerce marketing experience, proficient in Photoshop, Illustrators and 3DMAX video image processing software, familiar with Facebook, Ins, YouTube and other off-site drainage skills. In addition, Mr. Li has good creative ability and comprehensive visual grasp, and has bold design ideas and creative inspiration.。 Therefore, this course is taught by Mr. Li Wei, can be said to be very suitable.

Mr. Li Wei from theYouTube Platform Introduction, How to Create youTube Channel, How to Create Videos for YouTubeand so on the angle, for the presence of enterprises to explain in detail how to useYouTube Drain, How to Run YouTube and moreto help participating companies establishYouTubeOperational concepts and provide corresponding operational guidance. Participating enterprises have said that they have benefited a lot.

In the future, the Kirin Project, Ryan Kirin Pavilion, will continue to provide services and assistance to cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and continue to bring high-quality training courses.


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