YouTube Video Ad Gender Analysis

By analyzing 2.7 million YouTube ads, we want to reveal gender bias in marketing.

Women in the media:Operation is missing.

In the main children's TV shows we analyzed, female characters appeared as protagonists or co-protagonists 52 percent of the time, with female characters accounting for 55 percent of screen time and 50 percent of speaking time.However, gender inequality persists.

Video distribution based on gender representation

Of the millions of ads around the world, male characters were seen 56 percent of the time and 44 percent of the time they saw female characters.But overall, female-dominated and gender-balanced videos received 30 percent more hits than other videos, indicating a demand for more inclusive content.

Screen time for female characters in YouTube ads

When you look at the advertising industry separately, 28 percent of the time you see female characters in car ads and 29 percent of those who are in commercial and industrial advertising.In education and government advertising, the proportion of women in the role is 33%;The proportion of women in medical advertising who saw female roles was 52%.Female roles are most commonly found in retail advertising (58%) and consumer advertising (55%).

Time to speak for female characters in YouTube ads

Overall, male characters are heard 1.5 times more often than female characters (60 percent vs. 40 percent).In individual advertising, we see more pronounced gender differences.Women spoke less in education and government advertising (26%), car advertising (24%) and commercial and industrial advertising (21%).Female and male characters spend roughly the same amount of time on YouTube's retail (54%), consumer goods (52%) and health care (49%).


We found that advertisers upload at least as many female characters as men, with 30 percent more click-through rates than other videos, which tells us that people are more willing to watch when advertisers make their ideas more inclusive.

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