YouTube Video Ads

What is YouTube?

You must know that the whole world is using it.


YouTube ad form

- Online advertising sold on your YouTube homepage at a maximum cost per thousand impressions (CPM) can effectively increase brand awareness:

- Trueview, the most popular video ad on YouTube, easily attracts a variety of client users to increase sales or website traffic:


Play like a TV ad in front of a movie, play a movie ad that can be skipped after five seconds        

Present next to a playing movie or on a related search page to match your target audience precisely


-Display Ads display ads are another mainstream choice, giving you easy access to up to 92% of online users


Benefits of YouTube Ads

Low CPVs (cost per video playback)

Adwords for Video's ad campaign, with a minimum bid of just a few cents

No risk

You only pay for your ad video. If the user is not interested, after 5 seconds can choose to skip, no fees

Precision position

Simple and effective positioning means you can easily find both active and associated consumers

Manage your campaigns with ease

It takes less than ten minutes to generate ads andThere are also reports specifically about the film's effectiveness.


Increase traffic by more than 20% for the site while driving 5% of search traffic

Expand brand interest to YouTube search

We're also working to develop better measurement tools to help you understand if your investment is worth it. Our Brand lift solution helps advertisers solve this problem. An important role in the "Brand Promotion" report is to measure how interested people are in a product. We'll track the improvement in natural keyword searches on that are relevant to your brand to get this data.
We've found that not only, but also youTube are seeing an increase in product searches. So, starting today, the Brand Boost report will focus not only on search data on, but also on YouTube. After this update, you'll find out if your ad has been successful in getting more people to search for video content related to your brand on YouTube. You can see if your ads can motivate people to find more videos about your brand, which is both an important basis for determining the effectiveness of your campaigns and a unique advantage of running ads on Google and YouTube.

Specific Customer Matching Feature Find the most suitable lead
To introduce you to our new positioning product: customer matching. With this feature, you can interact further with your existing customers in Google's three media resources (Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail).

To help advertisers who want to build a brand, A feature called Similar Audiences has also been added to Specific Customer Match. This feature provides a whole new way to reach potential customers on YouTube and Gmail based on the interests and characteristics of your existing customer base. With The Like Audience feature, you can find potential customers that most like your existing customers. These new targeting features allow advertisers to connect with customers they want to attract and exclude those they don't want to attract, resulting in optimal branding.


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