YouTube's ads secret Domestic video sites are being shortened

Every time I watch a video on a video site, the title ad is very annoying, a few years ago 15 seconds is already the limit, and now we can occasionally encounter 120 seconds of ads that can not be skipped.

For advertising, it's important to mention YouTube, which usually handles ads by saying that the first 5 seconds of the ad is uncontrollable and can be closed freely after 5 seconds.

Some might say that this behavior is damaging to advertisers, but on the contrary, savvy customers still need feedback on ad performance, except for customers who don't know anything about the length of their ads.

There's a saying in the advertising industry that "half of my investment in advertising is wasted, but the problem is I don't know which half." "

And YouTube solves this problem very well. First of all, the first 5 seconds can not be skipped, that is to say, can ensure that the user is looking at the screen in 5 seconds, and many experts and scholars say that people staring at a place of attention can focus on the time is 5-8 seconds.

Because users know that the ad can be skipped, they will definitely watch for 5 seconds and click Skip. At this time is a good division of who is the target of this advertising product, interested users will continue to watch, and do not want to see the people off.

Each user's behavior is recorded in the site's database, and then they push the content of the ad they like more precisely, so that the feedback to the advertiser is more valuable.

Let's conclude that, first of all, YouTube can make sure that the vast majority of users can watch the 5-second ad. Second, it will never affect the user's experience, this 5 seconds of ad duration and domestic advertising compared to simply no. In order to ensure the interests of users at the same time, but also accurate statistics of advertisers are spent on which users, a lot.

Why is domestic video site advertising shortened?

As we said above, YouTube's advertising model is the result of Google's huge data analysis, and there is a very good improvement in the display and user experience of the content.

At present, 15 seconds is almost the limit of user acceptance, 120 seconds of advertising seriously affected the user experience. Some people may say that members can be ad-free, but members also have a second payment to see the content, once again hurt users.

This long-term advertising is generally 2-3 segments of different goods of the ad combination, for this kind of advertising, I asked some people, their viewing style is generally:

Tap the video - turn off the ad sound - look at other pages or content - feel the time is back - watch the video directly.

Such a way seriously damaged the interests of advertisers, but also affected the user experience, said a serious point, this is simply a garbage strategy.

Of course, the domestic video site mainstream profit model or membership system, and can restrain the user to pay the element is nothing but "skip advertising" and pay to see the content.

The ad problem we said above is very clear, YouTube model is very reliable and feasible, but due to the habits of advertisers and users for many years, not too soon to over- But the good thing is that the phone has already started a 5-second skip mechanism.

Members to advertise this has been the traditional media play for many years, I believe that in the 2017 video outbreak period will certainly have a new play, only the interests of users and advertisers can get a better future, let 120 seconds of advertising out of our sight.


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